About Us

The vision of Alexander Lucent Gallery is to discover and share the work of emerging artists, unknown innominate artists, and other brilliant creatives who may have been wildly successful in other fields and are looking to rebrand themselves. The primary focus is the work itself, not the resume. This is THE SOURCE for impactful, large scale statement pieces at surprisingly affordable prices. All of the art is exclusive to us and offered in small run limited editions of no more than 125, signed by the artist.

We meticulously curate the collection, working directly with the artists, printers, studios, and creators to ensure each work is flawlessly executed in its final presentation. We are always on the hunt for fresh, beautiful pieces that speak to our aesthetics. We specifically look to collaborate with raw talent that can be guided with our understanding of presentation, scale, and negative space. Almost without exception artists have said that the work we offer is among their favorite pieces. Taste is our guiding principle. In our many years working with collectors, interior designers, and gallerists, we have observed the need for powerful statement pieces that are unique and explore the interactions of attention and beauty. 

Alexander Lucent Gallery's commitment to offering exclusives means you can buy with confidence. Pieces never go on sale. Our dedication to discovering and nurturing artists and their multiple creative arcs is conveyed in the conceptual underpinnings of every piece.